3805 Lawrence Street

Colmar Manor, MD 20744

(240) 343-4PEP (737)

Dear Potential Sponsors and Donors:

This past year, People Effecting People, was created to raise awareness in our community, offer programs and services, and host meaningful events aimed to help families struggling from the downturn of the economy.  As government furloughs loom in 2013, our purpose and mission have become vital to maintaining arts, education, athletic and health opportunities for youth, adults and seniors.  We are excited about what the future holds.  And are so thankful that there are companies such as yours who support organizations by providing community sponsorships and partnerships.

In Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia where 1 in 5 families are living in poverty it is imperative that programs are created to replace extracurricular activities that are being eliminated from city and individual household budgets. It is PEP’s goal to provide opportunities that enlighten and uplift the members of our community in our core areas of competency.  Our youth programs offer leadership through volunteer opportunities and training, where they can develop life skills and make friendships that will last a lifetime.  But, even more important, they learn that philanthropy is the gift that keeps on giving!

We would be so grateful, for your help in fulfilling our important mission. By sponsoring an event, program or service or by making a cash donation to support a scholarship, you will be making a difference.  No amount is too small.   One hundred percent (100%) of your contribution will directly fund the specific event and/or scholarship you have chosen.  

I would like to thank you for considering our request to team up with your organization to raise funds for our programs.   Below are links to additional sponsorship documents as needed.

Sincerely Yours,


Ebony Landon

Chief Empowerment Officer