3805 Lawrence Street

Colmar Manor, MD 20744

(240) 343-4PEP (737)

People Effecting People was founded in 2012 by a group of leaders in the community who could no longer ignore the pressures of the economic hardships and needed to find a way to make a difference and create opportunity.  Our motto “in our communities, creating a legacy, building the future” describes what we believe our mission is on this earth.  Through collaboration and partnership, sacrifice and hard work we will change the existing pattern in the community as it relates to art, sports, health and education in our community.  We will organize, mobilize and facilitate a positive social change and create a positive impact on the youth, adults and seniors in our community.

These economic hardships are driving our seniors back into the workplace, pressuring our youth to pursue illegal activities and eliminating the family dynamic in our communities.  Finding and paying for quality services, events and programs is a major concern for the people of our communities.  People Effecting People will adequately provide access to resources, plan events, offer programs and services at low to no cost. 

These programs will provide opportunities to come together, encourage and learn from one another and address the challenges that face us a group.  Through mentoring, participation, support and education we will conquer social/cultural barriers to personal development.

The vision of People Effecting People ™ is to be the premier provider of programs and services of excellence, building a stronger, healthier, more self-reliant community transforming the way families live, learn, and relate to each other and the larger community. Our dedicated team provides services at a low-cost that will improve the lives of the residents in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia and strengthen the community as a whole by implementing programs based on ever changing neighborhood needs.

People Effecting People ™ is a community-based, nonprofit organization with a mission to provide integrated programs and services which will strengthen families and build healthy communities.